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Migration to Medium

Medium is all the rage these days. I was introduced to it not very long ago, and it’s grown on me. So, I decided to migrate the most popular posts from Banterist over to a new publication on Medium – which I’ve cleverly also called Banterist. There you can find Banterist posts dating as far back…

Welcome to My Terribly Neglected Blog

HUMBUG! I have not updated this sucker since August 2011 when my second book came out. Even before that it had been quite some time since I noticed it. Like a spouse of 50 years, I assume. This blog was very good to me. I started it several years ago when time was not such…

It’s Denise and I Am In Dougie

I pay the PhoneTag company $10 a month for their service which transcribes voicemail messages and emails them to me. This comes in really handy as I can look up messages for reference, keep a record of when calls came in and store unnecessary MP3 audio copies of messages which I can drag out at…

Don’t, You’ll Go Blinder!

English newspaper the Telegraph reports the launch of a new pornographic magazine for the blind. Which reminded me – I still have my Playboy In Braille because eBay pulled the listing. Because of the explicit raised dots.

Friends with Books

The following is a list of friends and acquaintances with books out recently. If you’re looking for something to read, there’s bound to be something here for you – assuming you’ve already read my book. If you haven’t read my book, I’ll weep in your Fritos. Taxi Confidential: Life, Death and 3 a.m. Revelations in…

Banterist Gets A Mashable Shout Out, Which I Am Told Is Good

An old Banterist post, Facebook in the Fuhrerbunker, made Mashable’s Top 5 Funniest Fake Facebook Pages list. This was the first I’d heard of Mashable – though that means absolutely nothing because I didn’t know who Jon and Kate were until last week when someone made a point to tell me. Now I see that…

Yelp: Tout Va Bien

I’m a big fan of the online review service I’ve used it countless times to pick, or not pick, a place for dinner.

Deposition at Dances With Films, Los Angeles

My violent, swear-laden mafia comedy screens Sunday, June 7th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 movie theater in Los Angeles. It appears in Competition Block 4 as part of the Dances With Films festival that I am accidentally not at.

And now, Twitter

Have you heard? Twitter is all the rage! There’s not a moment that goes by that shouldn’t be shared with friends and strangers alike. Admittedly, I’m not much of a Twitter update follower person because there are only so many “Getting a cup of coffee” and “traffic sucks!” notifications that I can stomach. In fact…

Reader Demographics

For authors, Barnes & Noble’s handy in-store kiosks make it easy to paint a picture of your readership. For better or for worse.

Apologies for the overzealous comment filter

A little configuration error on my part resulted in numerous (actually, all) comments for the last six weeks or so being declared as spam and treated accordingly. Anything more than 14 days old is, like Bob Hope, gone forever.

Welcome, First-Timers.

In anticipation of increased traffic from the book jacket’s mention of Banterist as well as the link from the book’s official website, I thought it’d be smart to re-introduce Banterist.

Book Report: Facebook Page

In the Event of My Untimely Demise has its very own Facebook Page. Now you can sign up and see what other people who have signed up for the My Untimely Demise Facebook Page look like. Why would you do that? Because that’s the era we live in.

Can’t Say I Never Ca(Red)

While writing I will only drink organic coffee grown by native farmers who ethically harvest the beans for a living wage, eat only raw vegetables and poop on their fields in the shade.

Book Report: As You Wish List

A few days ago I received an email from someone who wanted me to know that In The Event Of My Untimely Demise was #51 on Amazon’s “Most Wished For” list, Parenting Humor category. Neither my publisher nor I had any idea that such a list actually existed but it was welcome news, especially since the book hasn’t even been released yet.

Banterist Nips/Tucks

Banterist underwent some quiet outpatient procedures yesterday, courtesy Dr. Everitz. Nothing major, just some behind-the-scenes adjustments and a few things you may notice:

Friday 30 November Reading at KGB Bar

I’ll be joining author Grant Stoddard at KGB in the Lower East Side to read from our work. I’ll be reading from my forthcoming book In The Event Of My Untimely Demise. Grant? Not sure. I think it’s a new book he’s working on.

Imminent Domain

My book has a website and an email list, and Glenn Beck has a $50 million contract.