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Book Report: Blurbage

With the book officially written and turned over to the production folks we move into the next phase – obtaining endorsements.

Blogger’s Choice

I can’t say I know what a Blogger’s Choice award is, but I’ll mention it nonetheless.

Reading At KGB Bar

Janice Erlbaum, David Goodwillie, Brian Sack and Grant Stoddard read from their books at KGB Bar.

Department of Satire Awareness

Please be advised that Banterist is not a resource for contacting Sean Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy Just Diddy Combs, Stevie Wonder or Paris Hilton.

Anonymous Sourcewear

Can’t keep a secret? Pull a Deep Throat of your very own and beat Judith Miller to the punch with the latest in current events couture from Banterist’s terribly mediocre inline store.