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Hillary 4.0 Release Notes

Hillary 2.0 (Release date September 2013) Eliminated “assumption of nomination” feature from 1.0 release. Reconfigured and/or removed several key decision-making algorithms from 1.0 release. Worked to streamline nomination function by incorporating strategic elements from Obama 1.0. Modified several stances to take advantage of changes to current political operating system. Added several features to help improve…

A Primer In Politics For The Incredibly Disenchanted

Alas, I’m afraid my blog is more neglected than one of Charlie Sheen’s children. There are several reasons. Babies, busy, ran out of funny. One of the bigger reasons for this extended neglect has been that I’ve been working on another book. The final edits are on their way to the publisher, Simon & Schuster….

Angry Independent Segment – “Polytykes as Usual”

This is my most recent “Angry Independent” segment on Glenn Beck – and actually the last installment of the “Angry Independent” segment on Glenn Beck for now because Glenn’s moving the show to Fox in February. I learned this only when somebody emailed me to ask me if I knew Glenn was moving to Fox. That’s how out of the loop I am.

Changs We Can Believe In

Please make Banterist your one-stop source for potentially obscure, Harry Potter, Star Trek and Moonraker-related political humor.

Lorens Martino for President

We did it! We raised $487.32 in DAY ONE of our internet drive. Much to the dismay of the other candidates who want to silence Mr. Martino, we’re quickly showing them that we’re in it for the long haul – and that we can and will make a difference in this race. If you have supported us unwaveringly, we owe our success to your unwavering support.

The Cleaning Power of John Bolton

Within one week, John Bolton successfully negotiated an 88% reduction in coloration, thus saving the rug. And although the stain remained slightly visible, he also presided over mediation which led to the relocation of an ottoman so as to obscure the stain’s remnants.

The Political Capital MasterCard

With the MBNA Political Capital MasterCard, every dollar spent or vote received will earn you one Political Capital Point. You can use your points for valuable travel, hotel and shopping rewards, or simply to further your mandate. Even better, Political Capital Points can be transferred into most Frequent Flyer and 527 Group accounts. With Political Capital Points, how you use them is up to you!