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Yelp: Perilla

Boy howdy. I was chosen for another Review of the Day listing on Yelp, this time for a review of Perilla. Damn fine restaurant. This doesn’t pay a damn thing of course, but I figure with several ROTDs under my belt already I’m well on my way to being qualified to teach a course on…

Book: Struwwelpeter (Shock-Headed Peter)

A little over 150 years ago a German father decided that there were no good books to read to his son and endeavored to write and illustrate his very own. There were several lessons he aimed to teach his child and, being German, he didn’t beat around the bush. The lessons included things like: If…

Review: Hamlet in the 24-hour Bodega

I approached the Papaya King Repertory Theatre’s production of Hamlet in the New Ha Grocery on the corner of 14th Street and Seventh Avenue with the same sense of trepidation as I do all takes on the Bard’s classic tale. I’m happy to say that my fears were short-lived.

The Dog Dialed 911

In keeping with my policy of reviewing relevant books sent to me by publishers: a look at The Dog Dialed 911.