Eavesdropping, Pt 3.

“Vote? Sheee, I can’t even vote on what I’m gonna have for dinner.”
-Gentleman’s response to a 42nd Street voter registration team
“Am I going to be rich when I get older?… My sources say no. Aww.”
-Boy playing with a Magic 8-Ball at Toys ‘R’ Us
#1: “J-Lo is so rich, she could buy ten Bentleys and never go broke.”
#2: “She buggin’.”
-Two St. Luke’s Hospital Nurses

Eavesdropping, Part II

“The firefighters were fighting with each other. Like. And so they couldn’t turn the fire off.”
Gentleman talking to friends on 7th
“…you’re asking me to live with my sister and another woman, and I just can’t do that.”
Woman on mobile phone in Chelsea

Eavesdropping, Part I

“Bitch! They making me pay child support because you on motherfucking welfare, bitch!”
Tattooed gentleman, and daddy, in the middle of the sidewalk on 5th Avenue at 18th.
“No, not the Will Smith nigga, not that nigga, the other nigga… was in the movie with that bitch, the nigga bitch, uh…”
Someone the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. might be disappointed with.
“Well tell me then,where have you been while this was going on? Have you been shitting in the woods?”
A businessman using the not-so-familiar “shitting in the woods” analogy.