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New York

Yelp Review: Ninja Restaurant

It occurred to me that I’d never taken my son to a restaurant where strange people leap out from the shadows. I decided to rectify this situation immediately. Upon researching dining venues peopled with faux-assassins, I came to realize that in all of New York City there appears to be only one. One! I was…

Somebody Saw Something, Said Something

I know, I know. New York is a target and the terrorists hate our freedoms (but I’m certain they love our foreign policy) and something terrible is bound to happen in the city some day. Yes, and there’s not much you can do about a determined, evil person who has opted to engage in martyrdom…

Three Must-Have iPhone Apps for New Yorkers

iAvoid Utilizes dynamic GPS to route you past annoying sidewalk representatives for Greenpeace, Children International, ACLU, Human Rights Watch, Save The Children, Save The Animals, DNC and Amnesty International. To name a few. MilkQuest Excellent app for mapping out the price disparity of a half-gallon of milk at the 18 bodegas in your neighborhood. iAwake…

Five Haikus About People and Their Frickin’ BlackBerrys

LIBRARY The tiny keyboard Still makes enough of a sound To distract, bastard KINDERGARTEN TOUR Very important The future of his children Never once looks up THE PARK A child on a swing Daddy, daddy, higher please But he is texting STARBUCKS Can I help you sir? Excuse me, can I help you? Sir? Can…

Johnny Berlin

Please come see Johnny Berlin, a refreshing documentary directed by Dominic DeJoseph, executive produced by Michael Stipe and Jim McKay, and produced by Ted Green and Brian Sack.

The Platinum MetroCard

With the Platinum MetroCard you’ll not only enjoy all the traditional benefits standard MetroCard holders enjoy, you’ll enjoy unprecedented class and service – the subway is your oyster.