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Storked Begets Rattled

Last April, when my book came out, Christine Coppa invited me to come in and guest blog on her ridiculously popular weblog Storked! which is part of the Glamour Magazine empire. Speaking of Glamour, I wrote a little piece for them years ago and while I don’t remember what I said, I do remember they paid $3 a word. Good times. Good times.

Outsourcing US Jobs Overseas: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Years ago, for reasons even now I don’t fully understand, I co-chaired a tutorial in political economic systems in a certain English university. This was unusual because I was not and am not an academic; I was not attached to the university in any capacity; I had a hangover of gargantuan proportions. This particular college…

Kazakhstan: Not very -stan like.

If you got all the other -stans and put them together, the resulting country would still be smaller than this place: the 9th largest country in the world, with a maximum of about 20 million people living here. Basically, it’s empty and flat. When the Mongol hordes came through they killed everybody in sight and…

It’s The Economy, Snoopy

Dogs are very important to the economy in New York. I don’t suppose many people realize this. I hadn’t realized this for quite some time, but recently I was walking down the sidewalk as one often does here. The sidewalk is always covered in dog poop remnants from the folks that clean up after their…