Book Report: As You Wish List

A few days ago I received an email from someone who wanted me to know that In The Event Of My Untimely Demise was #51 on Amazon’s “Most Wished For” list, Parenting Humor category. Neither my publisher nor I had any idea that such a list actually existed but it was welcome news, especially since the book hasn’t even been released yet.
Though I’d like to believe this was due to the massive reach of Banterist, I have to assume the December NPR mention was actually what prompted folks to wish-list it. Bless Linda Wertheimer for helping me get closer to my goal of buying a castle with a moat.
Meanwhile, some nice endorsements are coming in:
“Unlike his ‘Public Viewer’ appearances on my television show, Brian Sack’s new book is heartwarming, sincere and exceptionally funny.”
Glenn Beck, #1 New York Times bestselling author of An Inconvenient Book
“Brian Sack’s In The Event of my Untimely Demise is a very funny book–let’s keep him alive so that he may write some more!”
Chris Regan, Emmy Award Winning Writer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
“A strange and hilarious compendium of parenting wisdom for an age when no one knows anything.”
Neal Pollack, author of Alternadad
“I like my life wisdom sardonic, salty and refreshingly dry, just the way Brian Sack serves it in his charming and insightful collection of essays.”
Alisa Kwitney, author of The Dominant Blonde and Flirting in Cars
“Brian Sack has written the sort of personal-wisdom manifesto that every parent would love to write, but few ever do, and that every child would love to have, but few ever receive. Part witty memoir, part common-sense guide and part social commentary, In the Event of My Untimely Demise is, more than anything else, an owner’s manual for the late-model human heart.”
David Giffels, author of All the Way Home
I have come to love every endorsement in its own special way.
If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list, please do so I don’t cry. I don’t think anything’s actually gone out yet on it but you don’t want to miss whatever eventually will go out on it, especially if it’s life-changing or informative.
In The Event Of My Untimely Demise can be wish-listed, obviously, but it can also be pre-ordered. One of the things I learned from the HarperCollins marketing department was that the online book retailers get kind of annoyed if the only retailer you mention is Amazon. Apparently “Amazon” is the default setting for many authors, prompting the folks at places like Books-A-Million and Powell’s to stand nearby and audibly cough until they get your attention. With that in mind, here are some retailers you can pre-order from (in alphabetical order):
Barnes & Noble