Again With the Overzealous Comment Filter

So, an email came in last night from Angie who suggested that comments may not be working correctly because she’d commented recently and it didn’t appear. And, she points out, no one else has commented. Since June. And she mentioned a previous incident on this same website where comments failed to appear.
Now, you’d think I might have noticed a dearth of commenting, but I didn’t. Even when a friend pointed out the same thing a few weeks ago I shrugged it off because I figured people don’t always comment on blogs anyway. Maybe they were busy Twittering or Napstering or whatever.
Angie’s email prompted me to take a peek into the weblog’s digital underbelly, and sure enough people have been commenting since June. Unfortunately all the comments were lumped in with comments from Russian pornographers, link spammers, counterfeit watch retailers, and herbal viagra peddlers. And they were being deleted every 14 days because of the absolutely staggering amount of comment spam this site gets. So all comments since June are gone

, except for a few I was able to come across that were waiting to be deleted. Sifting through the junked comments is a laborious pain in the bum with this blog software, so I no doubt missed several.
So apologies. The settings have been tweaked in the hopes that comments can appear on the site, and not wind up on digital death row.
And I hope comment spammers get horrible cankers on their tongues and fingers.