Banterist FAQ

Do you accept written submissions?
Banterist is an entirely selfish endeavor. Aside from a few initial posts from a friend in Ireland, all the material is (c)Me. But you don’t need me anyway – fortunately or unfortunately, current technology allows anyone to start their own weblog in minutes. You could have your own website before you finish this paragraph.
Do you accept Grammar Cop submissions?
I’ll accept photos of grammatical disasters – if it’s your photo. I’ll handle the citation part. If I use the photo I will give you credit as an officer and link to your site if you have one.
Can I steal your work, add some of my own thoughts to it, and post it on my new weblog as if it were mine?
I would prefer you not do that. That’s kind of lame, and will probably come back to haunt you.
bsack – do you need a MILF date 2-nite? HOTXXX women jamiaca elf compliment
Thank you, but I do not need a MILF date tonight. As far as a short, sexy Jamaican liking the site – I appreciate the kind words.
Do you want to do a link swap?
No, you should never ask for a link swap. They should just happen organically.
Do you hate Poland?
No, I love Poland. The only people who think I hate Poland have read about three words of my dispatches from Poland and jumped to conclusions. My wife, who is Polish, gets mad at such people and I have to prevent her from responding unpleasantly to their emails in Polish.