About Banterist

Banterist is a weblog of original material written by humorist Brian Sack.

Since its creation in September 2003, Banterist has appeared in numerous publications and websites including The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, NPR, The New York Post, New Zealand Herald, CBS, Slate.com, Gawker, Gothamist, This Is London, Boing Boing, Canada’s National Post, London’s Independent and Guardian newspapers, and MSNBC.com.

Brian is the author of IN THE EVENT OF MY UNTIMELY DEMISE (HarperCollins). If you find this site enjoyable, odds are you’ll like the book.

Brian served as the “Public Viewer” on Glenn Beck’s CNN Headline program from 2006-2008. He returned to Glenn Beck on the Fox New Channel in 2009. He also appears regularly on CNN Headline’s Not Just Another Cable News Show.

He has written humor for publications including Radar, The Independent (UK), Glamour, Fusion, Cracked and McSweeney’s. His work appears in the McSweeney’s Best Of compilation “Created In Darkness By Troubled Americans.”

His 2005 eBay listing for unwanted leather pants attracted over 3.4 million hits and was featured in newspapers and broadcast media in the US, UK and Australia.

As an actor, Brian has appeared in numerous TV and radio commercials and as the voice of talk show host Mike Riley in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He and Grammy-winner John Mayer created and produced The Paul Reddy Show, the full 30 minutes of which can be found on the Heavier Things DualDisc. He’s also a producer onJohnny Berlin, a darkly funny documentary exec-produced by REM’s Michael Stipe. He wrote and produced the comedy short The Deposition of Lou Bagetta which is currently in the festival circuit.

Writing clips for editors [download]
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The Paul Reddy Show [Excerpts] or full version.
In the Event of My Untimely Demise on Amazon.