And now, Twitter

Have you heard? Twitter is all the rage! There’s not a moment that goes by that shouldn’t be shared with friends and strangers alike.

, I’m not much of a Twitter update follower person because there are only so many “Getting a cup of coffee” and “traffic sucks!” notifications that I can stomach. In fact some people Twitter so much I would fire them if I was their boss. I would call them in the office, hand them a pink slip, wish them luck and then wait for the “OMG just got fired! :-(” update which would undoubtedly come seconds later. Then I could follow their job hunt in real-time “Big interview today! Wish me luck!” and the ironic “No tweets today – my iPhone was repossessed b/c I’m broke and unemployed.”
Regardless, it is a great way to let people know what you’re up to. Especially if you have a book release, or a film screening, or you’re going to do shtick on a TV show, or you want everyone to come meet you in a pub.
So I have a Twitter page.