Imminent Domain

The book has a website now, which should really help confuse folks even more because if I’m not dragging them here or to, they can now be pointed towards There’s also an email list there so you’ll always be at peak awareness when it comes to book-related things, if you’re so inclined.
What would be really smart would be one all-encompassing website. Maybe instead of Banterist I should have just named the site after myself, like Andrew Sullivan. But I didn’t. I felt Banterist, as a written humor site, should be separate from which was originally meant for casting directors. Rather than casting directors it seems to be a valuable resource for people asking me to forward songs to John Mayer, or how to get into acting. The answers being no and don’t, respectively.
Speaking of acting: Last week I played a doctor for the pee-pee drug Flomax. Then I was a voice in an awesome video game that a thick non-disclosure agreement prevents me from elaborating on. And then I wrote an article and proofread the book for the ten-thousandth time. Focusing on one career would be great. Then I’d only need one URL.
Kudos to my sparring partner on his $50 million dollar contract. Mother of god.
I guess I have a topic for next week’s Public Viewer.