eBay: Postcard Frenzy

Really interesting times we live in.
The Drive Someone Insane with Postcards auction got some airtime on Glenn Beck’s radio show yesterday. Glenn would be the first to tell you he’s got the #3 radio show in the country, and I expected a traffic increase as a result. During the interview we chatted about the tiny Polish village I’m going to and at the end I mentioned the auction’s title. That did result in a quick burst in visits, as expected, but nothing too crazy. After all, there wasn’t a link and finding it involved going to eBay and looking for it.
But then Glenn put it in his daily newsletter to his fans. WHUMP.
And then someone put it on fark.com, a site which I’d heard about before but wasn’t too familiar with. And WHUMP again. Apparently Fark is popular.
At the moment there are 72,000 hits. And in a manner very reminiscent of the time I sold my unfortunate leather pants it seems to increase at an absurd rate. In fact, it’s now closer to 73,000 and someone has raised the bid to $185.
And to think I almost didn’t list this auction because I thought no one would be interested.
Did I say 73,000? I meant 138,000.