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Banterist is a weblog of original material written by humorist Brian Sack.

Since its creation in September 2003, Banterist has appeared in numerous publications and websites including The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, NPR, The New York Post, New Zealand Herald, CBS,, Gawker, Gothamist, This Is London, Boing Boing, Canada's National Post, London's Independent and Guardian newspapers, and

Brian is the author of IN THE EVENT OF MY UNTIMELY DEMISE (HarperCollins). If you find this site enjoyable, odds are you'll like the book.

Brian served as the "Public Viewer" on Glenn Beck's CNN Headline program from 2006-2008. He returned to Glenn Beck on the Fox New Channel in 2009. He also appears regularly on CNN Headline's Not Just Another Cable News Show.

He has written humor for publications including Radar, The Independent (UK), Glamour, Fusion, Cracked and McSweeney's. His work appears in the McSweeney's Best Of compilation "Created In Darkness By Troubled Americans."

His 2005 eBay listing for unwanted leather pants attracted over 3.4 million hits and was featured in newspapers and broadcast media in the US, UK and Australia.

As an actor, Brian has appeared in numerous TV and radio commercials and as the voice of talk show host Mike Riley in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He and Grammy-winner John Mayer created and produced The Paul Reddy Show, the full 30 minutes of which can be found on the Heavier Things DualDisc. He's also a producer onJohnny Berlin, a darkly funny documentary exec-produced by REM's Michael Stipe. He wrote and produced the comedy short The Deposition of Lou Bagetta which is currently in the festival circuit.


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And by coffusion, I mean coffotomy.

Now, you see, there's what we need. More interviewers leading the wordless celebrity. Interviewers have thoughts that need to be expressed; in this case, about a theoretical cat to daughter limit.

Can you imagine how many times John Mayer has heard or been asked, "Where do you get your ideas from" or "How long have you played the guitar" or "You act like a sensitive poet, but you immediately started banging supermodels; what gives"?

An eternity could pass before Herr Mayer might be browbeaten about the number of cats that set the critical bar for kooky daughterness.

Thank god for this interviewer - thank god for America. And by America, I mean Christian America. And by Christian, I mean the Catholic Church.

And by the Catholic Church, I actually mean a secret cartel of Jewish bankers.

you're adorable and hilarious. are you married?

[ My wife insists that I am. -B. ]

And by the Catholic Church, I actually mean a secret cartel of Jewish bankers

How did you get that...far...a BASIC true AND a major WOYTILA accomplishment, although not THAT

Stay well


Love you long time, lound eye.

J/ K/ J/ C

Where's the mullets? I thought this was the site with all the different mullets on it. No? Rats! Damn You Intraweb! Damn You To Hell!

I am glad to have a face to put with those pants... for my mental photo that is... and thanks for taking the time to reply. hgg

Like Helene said, is great to put a face to rakish pair of leather pants. Thanks too for your reply and you will be happy to know that lots of people in Western Australia are reading banterist and eagerly awaiting your next sale on ebay.

very good humor, enjoy your site

I'm just wondering how many women per day propose marriage to you. If I had to wager a guess, it would be around 19.

[ Currently, enough to make up for high school. -B ]

I'd often sit and have lengthy conversations with myself, sometimes I would laugh and spin on my Ikea "Ingar" swiveling semi reclining office chair, imagining I was at Disneyland or the Neverland Ranch, gleefully forgetting the woes of societal dissfunction. Other times I'd paint faces on my toes and hold them up to the window when my neighbors would pass by, that way they would think I was having a party! most of the faces I drew on my toes were happy... one had contempt. But now I've found your website and learned to live again!

Great site, Best luck!

Nearly 3 million pageviews in a little over 2 days, for a pair of leather pants.


I have to be different, so I am not proposing marriage. Besides, my husband insists I, too, am married.

He just reminded me that I am also disqualified because we have... {sigh} 3 cats. The non-kooky gal manual *I* was given said three cats was the limit. Maybe you're working off an older version of the manual?

If two of the cats are mine and two of the cats are my husband's, am I still attractive to you?

[ I suppose. But are married women supposed to be attractive to me? I don't know what the rules are. -B . ]

The rules are as follows:

1. I am always attractive, no matter how many cats/spouses.

2. While there *is* a statistical correlation between cat population and social ineptitude of the cat owner, it's actually the number of batiked items in one's closet that identify a crazy lady.

You seem to have a "reality based" view of things so I was surprised to see you used to work for Glenn Beck.

Am I missing something?

for being you. : )

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