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Grammar Cop: Another Parisian Riot

Defendant:, proud and apparently loaded Drudge Report sponsor.
Count 1: [Dropped, due to clashing style manuals.]
Count 2: Misdemeanor spelling: “tirade.”
Count 3: Exposing a large audience to grammatical mischief via high-traffic, over-glorified link site run by the man responsible for an unreadable, punctuation-free gibberish-fest.
Report: Though appearing in only one frame of an animated advertisement, the errors were egregious enough so as to draw the attention of grammar enforcement officials. An investigation was held, the page reloaded dozens of times, and upon the reappearance of the offender a command was executed so as to digitally capture the frame in question flagrante delicto.
Fine: A free Drudge Report banner advertisement. If even for 10 minutes.


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