Grammar Cop: Must Have Missed Business Class

Defendant: Newark Airport (EWR)
Count 1: Improper apostrophe resulting in the possessive.
Count 2: Misspelling of a trademarked brand name which could have been easily avoided by referencing any street corner, Barnes & Noble or airport in the country.
Count 3: Rendering error permanent in the form of signage.
Count 4: Displaying error in a public venue.
Report: Officer was at Newark International Airport (EWR) preparing for routine annoyance by TSA agents practicing the “security” game when he became aware of the incident. After it was established that the sign did not reference the band Starbuck, whose 1976 song Moonlight Feels Right topped the charts, the incident was captured on digital media. Digital media is impervious to X-rays, as are the shoes everyone is pointlessly asked to remove.
Fine: $218 in Duty Free.