Fox & Friends Interview

Because of Tim Russert’s untimely demise this interview was rescheduled for the weekend I was out of town – so I had to drive four hours back to the New York I’d just left, do the three-minute interview, and drive four more hours back whence I came. Fortunately Red Bull exists, even though no one knows the long-term effects of drinking Heart Attack In A Can.
The eight hours of driving was actually a brilliant opportunity for me to finally listen to the brilliant lectures-on-tape that my wife and children refuse to listen to. I officially know more about Shakespeare, Biological Anthropology and the theory of Relativity.
Prior to the interview both hosts asked questions that made me realize they were actually familiar with the book. One even had favorite chapters. This was a welcome change from a recent radio interview where the DJ had no idea what the book was about and thought I was some kind of parenting expert.
Everyone at Fox & Friends was nice. The security guard handed me a pass that said “Brian Sack – STUD”. Sadly that turned out to be their abbreviation for Studio.