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My First Consulting Gig

I saw this ad on Facebook and it made me think of starting a marketing consultancy. I would sit down one-on-one with Don and say, “Don, do not use that picture in your ad.” It would undoubtedly increase sales in his company. And then I would charge him just $400.


My violent, swear-laden mafia comedy The Deposition of Lou Bagetta screens Sunday, June 7th at Laemmle's Sunset 5 movie theater in Los Angeles, 5pm. It appears in Competition Block 4 as part of the Dances …


Defendant: Ketel One Vodka; Aliso Viejo, CA Count 1: Negligent spelling, headline. Count 2: Negligent spelling, geographic location. (Click image to view) Count 3: Grammatical malfeasance committed during advertising. Count 4: Failure to properly spell the town in which …