Paul Reddy Show (Full)

The Paul Reddy Show with John Mayer (Full) from Banterist on Vimeo.
The Cliff’s Notes version of The Paul Reddy Show has been on YouTube for some time, and I routinely get emails from 19-year old girls asking me where the full length version can be found. Until now my standard response has been: I do not know. Please come over my house.
I didn’t know – because the full length version of the show was only distributed on the Heavier Things DualDisc. The DualDisc technology (CD on one side, DVD on the other) never really caught fire like they’d hoped. Just like Betamax and Zima.
Someone recently told me about Vimeo, a video service that can host large files that are longer than ten minutes. So now, to answer the question of countless 19-year old women: I do know where the full version is. Please come over my house.