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CBS Up To The Minute Interview

Ms. Stassou was mighty nice. I love how she was genuinely traumatized by the word “sex”. I managed to step on her foot right before we started rolling.
The CBS building is really fascinating. It’s one of the Big Three networks, yet has a completely unpretentious entrance. Real bare bones. And that theme continues even after you pass security: Sean McManus, head of the entire CBS News and CBS Sports divisions, has one of the most un-glamorous looking offices I’ve ever seen. It’s just a door in the middle of a long, featureless hallway. Very egalitarian, even though his salary presumably bests the GDP of Iceland.
As an added bonus I got to walk by the 60 Minutes studio where they shoot the bookends for all their pieces. There’s a lot of history in this place – as well as several Untimely Demise promotional bookmarks. In general the building and the equipment in it made me feel like I’d warped into 1978.
I found the giant CBS eye in the lobby rather intimidating.


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Defendant: Duane Reade Pharmacy, New York City Count 1: Misdemeanor grammatical malfeasance; homophone. Count 2: Rendering error permanent with premeditated, un-proofread signage. Report: During a routine patrol of Duane Reade, officer found himself standing in a long line …