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The Pay-O-Matic Logo Meeting


Scene: The guy who owns Pay-O-Matic Check Cashing is seated with Chip, a freelance graphic designer and metrosexual with thick-framed glasses who recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts.
Boss: As you know, Pay-O-Matic is a check-cashing operation. As such, we provide a valuable service to individuals who don’t have a bank account.
Chip: Who the hell doesn’t have a bank account?
Boss: Mainly illegal immigrants, fugitives, felons just out of Rikers, terrorists, deadbeat dads, conspiracy theorists, drug addicts, tax evaders and people who really hate banks.
Chip: Okay.
Boss: We’d like a logo that helps us to connect with our customers, who I’d imagine are mostly unhappy.
Chip: So you want your logo to reach out to those people and say “We know you’re unhappy, we’re the check-cashing place for you.”
Boss: Exactly.
Chip: What if I cram your company’s acronym into a circle, and created a kind of anti-“have a nice day” logo; the “P” will look like an eye crying, and the “M” will look like a grimace – as if the logo itself is in pain.
Boss: Brilliant!



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