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Grammar Cop: Please Type Responsibly

Defendant: Ketel One Vodka; Aliso Viejo, CA
Count 1: Negligent spelling, headline.
Count 2: Negligent spelling, geographic location. (Click image to view)
Count 3: Grammatical malfeasance committed during advertising.
Count 4: Failure to properly spell the town in which your business and/or residence is located, which one would assume should be easy to do.
Report: Officer DeWitt of the Computer H Information Superhighway Patrol (CHiSPs) was on a routine visit to Gizmodo, the tech gadget website, when he was exposed to numerous banner advertisements for Ketel One vodka. While being subjected to liquor advertising that for once didn’t suggest imbibing would lead to a sexual experience with a hot blond, the officer noticed the transgression and captured it electronically.
Fine: $320 and a case of wheat-distilled vodka, though potatoes are better.


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