Non-Celebrity Sightings

Guy who kind of looked like Angela Lansbury at the Union Square Starbucks. He ordered a medium mocha. 8:32am.
Guy that could possibly pass for the short fella from Princess Bride who kept yelling ‘it’s inconceivable!’ and eventually drank poison – leafing through a copy of The Five People You Meet In Heaven at the 5th & 21st Barnes & Noble. 9:08am.
Larry Davidish looking guy sauntered by Loehmann’s on 7th around 11:30 am. Had a blue scarf.
Lenny Kravitz wannabe smoking outside Murray’s Cheese Shop on Bleecker. 12:52 pm. Had a nametag so he must work in the area. Maybe on break from a deli.
Lady distributing flyers near Park and 26th looked kind of like Rhea Perlman from Cheers if Perlman were much bigger and Hispanic. 2ish pm.
Clerk at magazine kiosk near 23rd looks like he could be a popular Pakistani movie star. 3:23pm.
Man best described as Danny Gloveresque but dirty, asking for money, 23rd and 7th. 3:30pm. He was with a guy who looked like he could be a famous character actor if he too wasn’t asking for money.
Dead ringer for Napoleon if Napoleon were alive, gay and walking in Chelsea. 8th and 19th, 4:49pm.