The Pope Is A Jew, and Your Bag’s On Fire

I’m very grateful that we no longer have to deal with cassette tapes because pulling these clips from nine hours’ worth of my DAVE-FM morning show audition would have been time-consuming and impractical. Plus it’d sound all hissy.
These are some favorites:
The Pope Is a Jew
This came from the audition I did with long-time Atlanta morning show host Jimmy Baron who I used to work with back in the day at 99X. He recorded this at the North Georgia State Fair. It scared me.

The Fund For Ribbons

An audio version of something I’d written for Banterist a while back. Mike Schatz on guitar.

Your Bag Is On Fire
A true story about someone’s flaming luggage actually making it to the baggage carousel, followed by a psychological probe of an airline baggage handler. With Mark Harris and Mike Schatz, my old improv colleagues.