Glenn Beck Appearance

The make-up lady informed me that by next month or so CNN Headline is making the switch to high definition. And for some reason that means less make-up. Go figure. But it also means every blemish and botched shaving job will be ultra-visible. Hooray!
Glenn went off on his bat snot tangent right as I was trying to pull off my earpiece schtick, meaning I had to sit there with my finger in my ear for much longer than I had hoped. Sometimes I wish we were in the same room.
I wore the Poland lapel pin this time to celebrate the fact that Polish voters finally booted the ludicrously cranky government under Kaczynski in favor of the smarter, savvier Donald Tusk – who looks like Tony Randall.
Sadly, I still have not been able to end the segment with “Don’t snitch.”