The Deposition of Lou Bagetta

Ages ago I wrote a short story and someone said

, “Gee, that’d make a great film,” and I said, “Oh.” But they kept saying that to the point where I was finally compelled to put it in script form. I sent it off to him and figured that was the end of it because really, what can you do with a 20 minute film? But my friend took the script and showed it around to folks in Hollywoodland and slowly managed to assemble a group of people willing to work on it for nothing more than credit/copy/meals – the standard payment for these things.
It takes a tremendous amount of work to do a film, even a short one, and I was amazed that we could actually have so many people laboring on something that could potentially have no payoff. We invested heavily in catering and I recommend any filmmaker do the same if they’re demanding 16 hour days from their crews.
The whole time we worked on this I kept expecting people to bolt. But nobody bolted and you’d have thought they were all on salary with performance bonuses. The catering was that good.
In the end we have a film that we’re going to be sending around the festival circuit hoping to get those impressive looking laurels that everyone adds to their posters and websites.
The Deposition of Lou Bagetta may or may not be coming to a festival near you. If you want to follow it, the website is and it also has a Facebook page. And, naturally, a Twitter page. I did not create a MySpace page because I am literate and older than 12.