Invisible Suit – FAQ

Why wear an invisible suit?

There are many reasons people wear invisible suits. Often times they are in lines of work that require them to be invisible. Some individuals feel thinner and less visible when wearing an invisible suit. Other times they are shy and want to dramatically avoid eye contact.

Does anyone famous wear an invisible suit?

Crispin Glover wore an invisible suit between 1996-2000.

Can I run into trouble with my invisible suit?

Use your invisible suit responsibly. We are not liable in any way if you do not use your suit in a legal and ethical manner. This includes sneaking into films, watching coeds undress and attacking spinsters in broad daylight.
A good rule of thumb is this: The next time you are having sex with your significant other ask yourself if you would want someone standing in the corner of the room watching and fondling their invisible selves.

How do I know my invisible suit is working?

If you are attempting to hail a cab to no effect you are probably wearing an invisible suit, or it might be 4pm when all cabbies are suddenly “off duty.”
Also, your invisible suit emits a low hum and will explode in the rain.

When should I not wear my invisible suit?

When it is raining. Also, you should not wear your invisible suit when posing for Christmas card photos as you will be invisible.
Remember to use common sense. It is not advisable to wear your invisible suit when giving a speech, as people will look around and ask where the hell the voice is coming from. Likewise, do not wear your invisible suit to a pageant as that defeats the whole purpose.

How long will my invisible suit last?

With proper care and maintenance your invisible suit should last you quite some time unless you turn it on and misplace it.