Regan weds, Zagreda performs, Everitz codes

Congrats to my newly-married friend, former Daily Show writer Chris Regan (profiled here). His wedding reception was at the Friar’s Club where old comedians get stapled to the wall when they pass on. It was a fun time because it was a room full of comedians and comedians are totally well-adjusted people. There was a lot of reminiscing about college, and lots of comedians who needed more attention than other comedians. The speeches were pretty funny and contained lots of references to things I wasn’t immediately getting – kind of like when Dennis Miller talks. We all laughed, drank, and then the Friars kicked us out at midnight so we laughed and drank at the Pig n’ Whistle. Chris’s website, This Day In Mythstory, should be on your list of websites for work avoidance.
I met Elza Zagreda in an acting class a couple years back. The class wasn’t very good – like most acting classes – but she’s lovely so it made the class worthwhile. Her one-woman show/memoir Corn Bread & Feta Cheese: Growing Up Fat and Albanian just started running in Los Angeles this week, so if you’re one of the eight people in LA who goes to theatre I’d like to recommend it. She’s good.
Chad Everitz at Everitz Consulting has been helping to tweak Banterist all week. He upgraded me to Movable Type 3.33 and fixed things that are beyond me – pretty much anything regarding Movable Type. The end result is the Tag system that’s now up and running, which should be a great way to help folks navigate the site and find other posts they might like. There’s a Tag Index and individual Tag Searches – like for Monkeys or Hitler or Blue Humor. Chad knows Movable Type and Typepad and provides a valuable service in return for money. I heartily endorse his product. Which is actually a service.