Grammar Cop: If You Bild It, They Will Com

Complaint: Misdemeanor spelling of “general”; misdemeanor absence of a consonant so as to render “contractor” misspelled; negligent misspelling of the two words that represent what your company does; having said errors painted to both sides of a truck driven all over town; not noticing this.
Defendant: Mr. Islam and his sons.
Report: Officer was outnumbered by Mr. Islam and his sons when he noticed the crime and wished to capture the evidence covertly. Rather than coming across like an FBI agent taking a photo of a truck with “Islam” on it, the Officer chose to do a walk-by. The Officer casually photographed the evidence, but lost the “r” in “contrator” because he lacks framing skills.
Fine: $125, and a visit from John Ashcroft’s Spelling Terrorism Task Force.