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Glenn Beck Appearance 11/07/06

The make-up room today featured CNN’s Jack Cafferty and a pensive, pre-election Anderson Cooper. I’m always tempted to say “love your hair” to Cooper, because then he’d see we had similar hair and we’d laugh and laugh and laugh. But there’s also a 20% chance he’d just say “Thank you,” and then I’d look like a big, gay dummy.
Jack Cafferty is my favorite CNN guy. He doesn’t mince words. I’d like to get liquored up and give him a big hug because he amuses me greatly by saying very funny things in a very dry way. One of my favorite moments is when he called MSNBC the network with “five call letters and no viewers.” Brutal, but brutal-funny. Politically, he takes shots at everyone who deserves them – as it should be.
Jack’s not afraid to wander downstairs to the mall at Time Warner Center with a long cable dangling from the earpiece assembly that’s clamped on the back of his shirt. I take that to mean he’s not afraid of anything.


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