Real and Virtual Appearances

Yesterday was exciting. It began with the longest book interview in the history of radio and ended with me kicking two pedestrians to death.
In the Event of My Untimely Demise began the day with an Amazon ranking of 130,000-something. It went up to 343 by the time I called it a night. It was also #3 in Parenting>Humor and #10 in Entertainment>Humor.
Fortunately it had not occurred to me to check my Amazon ranking until someone mentioned it later in the afternoon. I’d completely forgotten you could monitor such things. I’m trying not to think about it now.
The radio and TV interviews and Glamour blogging was really fun. My wife surprised me with a lovely dinner at my favorite overpriced restaurant, Strip House.
By coincidence, the highly-anticipated video game Grand Theft Auto IV was launching on the same day. In the game I play host “Mike Riley” on the Public Liberty Radio channel’s Intelligent Agenda show. I was dying to see how that turned out so I picked up the game, raced home, popped it in, stole a car, listened to the radio and finally heard the show. I was so excited that I exited the car and began murdering pedestrians before stealing a garbage truck for a joyride.
It was a good day.