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Grammar Cop: Project Runaway

Defendant: An unknown Macy’s window dresser.
Count 1: Improper word usage.
Count 2: Negligence with regard to name-checking Jeffrey Sebelia.
Count 3: Failure to proofread in earnest prior to affixing words to glass.
Report: Inspired by Dateline’s To Catch A Predator, Officer Anderson scours the internet looking for grammatical perversion and indecent proofreading. While on a routine patrol he discovered this infraction captured by Flickr member jennibong – a photographer who is presumably either of Asian descent or loves weed. Whether Ms. Jennibong realized she was apprehending bad proofreading is hard to say, as she seems to have a penchant for taking pictures of windows.
Fine: $150 Macy’s gift card to be left in the back of a drawer and forgotten, as is expected of all gift cards.


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