Children’s Shows I’d Like To See

Captain Reality and the Truthbots
Captain Reality travels the planet in his ship The Decoddler with his gang of non-bush-beat-arounding Truthbots and tells kids that we’re not all great or special and in fact some of us are horribly flawed.
Dora’s Parents
Dora’s mother and father finally appear and prevent their daughter from wandering the jungle alone, shouting at people in Spanish.
The Show That Has No Merchandise
Bop, giggle, wiggle and play in the wonderful world of Zabaloo! There’s Percy the Squid, Magic Muffin, Izelda the Talking Star and many more great characters – none of whom you’ll find in stores. And they don’t have live shows with $65 tickets and $15 snow cones. And they don’t endorse cereal or vitamins.
Baby Brainy
Filmed in a garage. An adorable dime-store puppet makes kids smarter by telling parents to turn off the damn TV and get their kids out of the house.