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Johnny Berlin: YouTube and Amazon

The trailer for Johnny Berlin is up on YouTube now. Contrary to what the trailer says, you can now purchase Johnny Berlin on Amazon.
The film was directed by Dominic DeJoseph; executive-produced by Jim McKay and REM’s Michael Stipe and produced by Ted Green and me.
Johnny Berlin, as I’ve mentioned before, is a one hour documentary about John Hyrns that should have been a two hour documentary about John Hyrns because two hour documentaries are more saleable to networks, whether they’re about John Hyrns or not.
“[John Hyrns] is at once fascinating and vaguely troubled.” – Variety
“…you don’t see many films like this and for doc lovers there’s something really different and enormously satisfying here… We love it.” – Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia
“…brings to mind echoes of the best work of Errol Morris and the Maysles Brothers… a little funny, a little sad and often terribly profound.” – The Documentary Channel
Special Director’s Award – Santa Cruz Film Festival


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