Welcome, Deviants and Star-Struck Teens

How are people finding Banterist? Well, of course there’s always word of mouth. Links from blogs like Gawker, Stumbleupon and Socialitelife are most rewarding. Mentions in the UK’s Guardian, MSNBC and USA Today have certainly helped me break the 2 million mark.
But lots and lots of people find Banterist though good old-fashioned search engines like Google and Yahoo. And what, pray tell, are they looking for?
Ass, apparently. More than 100,000 discovered Banterist after Googling Playboy.
Thousands of others were no doubt disappointed after some variation of “sex with animals” led them here.
This year alone, 50 people have been introduced to Banterist via the search phrase “I want to kill my wife“. Look for those folks on future episodes of Forensic Files.
And sadly, countless wayward teens hoping to reach Paris, Hilary or Diddy have had their hopes shattered here. To my infinite joy.
Behold, a smattering of search engine phrases that have brought thousands and thousands of horny, animal-loving, star-struck, wife-hating poo enthusiasts to this humble domain:
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