12 January Reading at KGB Bar

[The reading happened already, and was nicely summarized here.]
A reminder about tonight’s reading:
It’s at KGB Bar in the Lower East Side. If they were current they’d be calling it the FSB Bar, and they’d have a drink called a Polonium-210-tini.
There are now five writers reading. We share one thing in common: all hail from the same writing space, Paragraph, which is why the reading series is called “Written at Paragraph.”
The newest guy is Darcy Frey. He’s a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and teaches in the graduate writing program at Columbia. He wrote an article about air-traffic controllers that inspired the film Pushing Tin, so he is responsible for Angelina Jolie meeting Billy Bob Thornton – and the nauseating romance that ensued.
Grant Stoddard is going to read from his sex-columnist memoir WORKING STIFF. Perhaps he’ll read the part about being boned by a plaster model of his own Johnson. Not sure if I want to read before or after he does. We’ll see who comes first.
David Goodwillie will be reading from his memoir SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. He was a pro ballplayer once, though I’ve yet to see a syringe. The book is being turned into a movie.
Janice Erlbaum wrote a memoir called GIRLBOMB and now she has a memoir called VOLUNTEER: A LOVE STORY which she’ll be reading from. She writes for BUST, a magazine for those feisty modern ladies who defy Allah and refuse to be veiled.
Dressed as Brian Sack I will be reading from IN THE EVENT OF MY UNTIMELY DEMISE, to be published by Harper next spring.
KGB Bar – 85 East 4th, NYC (Google Map)
Friday 12 January @ 7pm
Adult beverages not included, but recommended to ease you into Grant’s experiences with his L’il Buddy.