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The Deposition of Lou Bagetta – Trailer

Hooray. This is the trailer for The Deposition of Lou Bagetta, the short I wrote that’s currently doing the festival circuit. If you have the HQ (high definition) option in the YouTube menu bar, I recommend that.
Many people have asked how they can see 100% of this 19-minute film and not just the 5% you get in the trailer. The deal is this: With festivals you don’t really want your film out there in its entirety right away. That’s because the festivals want to screen it so people go to the festivals. Once we’re all festivaled-out, we’ll figure out a way to distribute it – either as a video on demand, iTunes download, or old-fashioned DVD in a box. Until then, we’ll keep you posted and make sure everyone knows where the next screening is.
In the meantime, you can follow the film on its Facebook fan page (be a fan, come on!). Or its Twitter page. Or its website.


The Deposition of Lou Bagetta screens at the Sarasota Film Festival this Sunday and again next week. This is the film I wrote and Tommy Smeltzer directed. It is very funny according to people who …


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