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Shanghai Dispatch: Dove Reaches Out To China’s Heavy Gals

Recently the U.S. consumer was treated to Dove’s “Campaign For Real Beauty” – a broad media effort aimed to show that women with curves were beautiful too. Sadly, the campaign failed to reach my friend Dave who still believes that 98% of women have “cankles.”
That hasn’t stopped the campaign from heading Eastward though. Behold, the women considered “chubby” in Shanghai:


After a stroll through the Yu Gardens, stop by Nanxiang Steamed Buns Restaurant for their famous and overly-popular steamed pork & crab dumplings. You can choose takeaway or have a seat at a table - …


FOOD Every animal and insect must live in total fear here because they could be on the menu at any given moment. Sautéed bee larvae, donkey meat and bamboo worms are a few of the menu …