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Calling All Complainers

Everyday Hogwash is seeking well-written, consumer-oriented complaints from bloggers.
Daily winners, selected by the editors, receive a $200 cash prize. Weekly winners, selected by Netizens, receive $1,000. The Grand Prize winner, selected by a panel of judges that includes me, will win $5,000.
If this is not incentive to complain – which most people do for free – then you are magically content and I commend you.


An alarming influx of misdirected emails and comments sadly necessitates the following announcement: Please be advised that Banterist is not a resource for contacting Sean Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy Just Diddy Combs, Stevie Wonder or …


Defendant: Organic Dry Cleaning, Seventh Ave. Count 1: Misdemeanor spelling. Count 2: Display of said error in a high-traffic public venue. Description: Officer Oyo of the Chelsea Grammatical Vice Squad witnessed the infraction, noting an increase in such …