Reading At KGB Bar

This Friday I’ll be officially entering the New York literary scene by participating in a reading. Readings are where writers get up and read something – so the name isn’t really that misleading.
The reading takes place at KGB, a Lower East Side bar decorated with Lenin statues to celebrate the hilarious days of communism and Cold War intelligence gathering.
There will be four writers reading from their four books. Unless I’m mistaken they’re all humorous books which is much better than someone reading from their memoir about chronic bulimia.
We all hail from the same writing space, Paragraph, so the reading series is called “Written at Paragraph.”
Grant Stoddard is a nice English chap who wrote WORKING STIFF, a memoir about screwing everything as’s sex columnist. He’ll be reading from his book – a book he’ll have to hide from prospective brides and their fathers for the rest of his life.
David Goodwillie will be reading from his memoir SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. I don’t know David personally but he’s never tried to kill me so I harbor no ill feelings. His book was optioned and he’s now turning it into a screenplay.
Janice Erlbaum will be reading from her forthcoming memoir VOLUNTEER: A LOVE STORY. She describes herself as a feminist, so she’d probably disagree with me that women should be shackled to radiators and called LoveBots. But I’ll be civil.
Brian Sack is me. I’ll be reading from IN THE EVENT OF MY UNTIMELY DEMISE, to be published by Harper next year. A whole year seems like forever away but really isn’t considering I have to write a frickin’ book.
KGB Bar – 85 East 4th, NYC (Google Map)
Friday 12 January @ 7pm
The event will not be close-captioned.