Poland Dispatch: Oh, the Places We’d Like To Go!

Oh my gosh!
Check-in with haste.
The flight leaves soon.
No time to waste!
With baby makes for a long day.
Can you check us in my friend?
Can you help us in the end?

I can not, I am afraid.
Can’t send your bags to JFK.
You’ll have to get them half-way through,
In Frankfurt, sorry, can’t help you.

We can’t do that, we’d miss our plane!
Frankfurt’s airport is insane!
We’ve done it several times this way,
Please route the bags to JFK!
Sorry, sir, but I can not.
Thank you though, for flying Lot.

Every time we fly your planes,
something happens or rules change!
Just this once, with no delay,
route the bags to JFK!
Sorry, sir. Please don’t stew.
There’s nothing really I can do.
Frankfurt’s where the bags will stop.
Thank you though, for flying Lot.

This is nonsense, I declare!
Is there someone senior here?
Our plane is waiting, just for us!
And baby starts to make a fuss!
We’ll be traveling all day long.
Just route our bags, you’re in the wrong.

I’m sorry sir. There is no way.
Can’t send your bags to JFK.
Can’t help you out in any way.
But here’s the manager, okay?

My baby, sis-in-law and wife,
Need to board this waiting flight!
If we don’t we’ll miss our plane,
and miss the others – in a chain!
He won’t check my bags straight through!
He won’t help at all, can you?
Sure. Martin, route their bags to JFK.