The Atlanta Radio Experiment

I flew down to Atlanta on Delta, comforted by the New York Times headline “Fatal Crashes of Airplanes Decline 65% Over 10 Years” though somewhat discomforted by my middle row seat.
For the next three days I’m here in a market that is, according to those in the know, terribly under-served in the radio morning show department. In an effort to correct that problem I’ve been tasked with seeing how I might put on a morning show.
We’re just dipping our toes in the water at the moment. They’re trying to see if I have a future in morning radio, whereas I’m trying to see if I want to have a future in morning radio, as that would involve pulling the family up and relocating in these here parts.
Could be a blast. Could be a train wreck. No way of knowing really until you do it live, on air, with real listeners and crazy people calling in telling you the radio beams are going into their brains.
And so here we are. This demo morning show is being conducted stealthily, so as not to upset too many people right away. We’re on between the ungodly hours of 1am until 4am EST. This is certain to wreak havoc on my sleep cycle from now through Thursday, as well as that of my cohorts. Monday and Tuesday I’ve dragged Mike Schatz and Mark Steven David Harris into this. Wednesday is someone different. I’ll tell later.
If you’re up (and why would you be up?) the live stream is here. Unless you live in Atlanta in which case you can tune to 92.9 and listen without being tied to a computer.