Notes From An Undisciplined Wine Taster

1994 Semillion, Ameberley Estate, Margaret River
Very nice! Solid, well-balanced flavors. Very flowery. Hints of oak. Quite drinkable now. Might not spit this one out.
McIlroy Cellars 1999 Aquarius Ranch Chardonnay
Lots going on here. Citrus. Vanilla. Butter. Very floral nose. Deep. Quite enjoyable. Can’t stop drinking it.
Erazuriz 1994 Maule Valley Chardonnay
Young and buttery. I’ve got a buzz. Oak really compliments the fruit here. I’d like to compliment that blonde standing near the Pol Roger. Very drinkable. Might have another taste or two. Good stuff. Yum.
1998 Argyle Reserve Chardonnay
Ripe fruit. I need to slow down. Good nose. Maybe spit more. I think I’m done with whites. This is buttery. Yeah, I’m done with whites. Drinkable now or keep it for a few years. Slight headache. Nothing a few extra sips can’t cure. Blondie is over by the 1998 Normans Old Vine Shiraz.
1998 Normans Old Vine Shiraz
Nose – Mulberry. Delightful. Major buzz going on. Hint of licorice. Man she’s hot. Lots of Oak. Wonderful on the palate. Her too? Ha ha! Dark. Got some on my tie. Fruity. Gorgeous. Did I say oak? Spitting this one out would be a crime. Hit me up, dude.
2001 Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon, Stone Farm Vineyard
She’s complex, I can tell. The wine is complex too I guess. Drinks real good right now. Yum. It’s got nice tannins on my shirt. There’s some blackberry or some berry in there. Whatever. I stepped on Robert Parker’s foot. It’s got berries. Very nuanced. Spills nicely. Will mature well. Great chest.
2003 Di Majo Norante Sangiovese
Hoooah! Man! Very full-bodied, and I’m not talking ’bout the wine. Ha ha. Deep color. Really like the nose. Hers too! Ha ha. I think I’m slurring. Moderate tannins, collar and cuff. Shouldn’t drive. Definite hints of plum and stuff. Another glass of this beauty is in order. Maybe I’ll ask this hottie if she always spits. Ha ha!
Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron 1989 Pauillac
Blackberry and plum fruit. You can drink this right from the bottle. Makes it hard to appreciate the bouquet because the little spout hole in the bottle is too small, see? The label is pretty and the bottle fits in my jacket because they’re asking me to leave. Whatever! I don’t care. Let go of me. Nice spices in there. It’s really earthy and you can go to hell bitch I was not vulgar.