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Grammar Cop: Justice Meted Out

Defendant: Unknown driver with window decals from SUNY Purchase and Smith College.
Count 1: Misdemeanor spelling.
Aggravating factor: Spider monkey could spell word correctly.
Report: While on routine patrol, officer was drawn to above infraction like a hot blonde to $14.95 pheromones purchased in the back pages of Maxim.
Fine: Whatever fine the traffic cop decided on as they don’t pay attention to such signage, properly spelled or not.


DEPOSITION BY LOU BAGETTA, WHO IS IMMORTAL, REGARDING JOE GUSTO, THE MOB'S WORST HIT-MAN. Joe Gusto knocks on my door late Saturday and that sets all sorts of alarms off because, you know, I didn't call …


1994 Semillion, Ameberley Estate, Margaret River Very nice! Solid, well-balanced flavors. Very flowery. Hints of oak. Quite drinkable now. Might not spit this one out. McIlroy Cellars 1999 Aquarius Ranch Chardonnay Lots going on here. Citrus. Vanilla. Butter. …