Name Amy’s Book

My friend Amy has written a book. The book’s running title is Taxi Confidential: Confessions of New York City Cabbies and Passengers.
It’s a mouthful, kind of like my last two titles: In the Event of My Untimely Demise and The Deposition of Lou Bagetta.

Amy is troubled. Deep in her heart she feels like somewhere out there, somewhere not here, is someone with a killer title for her book. Maybe a clever play on the taxi thing. Like Fare Play or A Checkered Past.
Maybe that person with a killer title is you or someone you know. It certainly isn’t Yul Brenner

Koupit Značka Cialis

, who died in 1985.
This is your chance to be in the acknowledgements page of a book. You can drag your friends to Barnes & Noble, take it off the shelf, open it up, point to your name and say, “That’s me!” It could be the start of a proper book titling career. This could be the recession-proof job you were looking for. Or a lark.
This is from Amy herself:

“The book itself is a compilation of true NYC taxi experiences collected from both drivers and passengers, taken from the ’70s through present day. The answer to the question I’m always asked: Yes, there’s a chapter on sex in cabs.
Right now, the cover is going to be semi-graphic, mainly black and white with some bright color worked in, a la Sin City. So the title should reflect this. In other words, “Yellow daisy ride” wouldn’t work. Also, the publishers will want key words somewhere in the title or subtitle for search purposes (taxi, cab, driver, new york city, etc.).
Anyone who successfully names this book will get a big thank you in the acknowledgments, and if they live in NYC, a chocolate milkshake on me.”

And a copy of the book.
No pressure, but she’s got little more than a week before the publisher commits. Leave your ideas in the comments section so no one can claim they thought of it first.