Memo Re: “The Reagans”

Selected items from the Moonves Memo regarding the reasons behind CBS cancelling “The Reagans”:
‘Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out!’ is not a Reagan quote. And he did not deliver it while torching a forest with Secretary of the Interior James Watt.
There is nothing in the historical record to support the plot line that President Reagan had a hand in the death of Elvis.
Your assertion that ‘a friend of a friend’ told you Ronald and Nancy ‘partied with’ Dr. Mengele is not strong enough to support the 26 minute montage.
The scene where he cuts off the head of an elderly man who did not bow low enough was completely stolen from James Clavell’s ‘Shogun.’
The premise that Nancy slept in the White House Belfry while hanging upside down from the rafters is defeated by the fact that there was no White House Belfry.
He was elected in a landslide, not by a ‘Shadow Council of She-Demons.’
Despite extensive re-editing, the scene where the President eagerly devours an entire ward of newborns still seems unbalanced.
After several hours looking over actual Oval Office transcripts, we have found not one instance where the President called Caspar Weinberger ‘honeylove.’
Even if the allegations that he slept with Margaret Thatcher were true, they most certainly did not meet at Studio 54 on ‘White Pride Night.’
Though you call it a ‘sub-sub-plot’, you’re suggesting the JFK assassination triggerman was Nancy.
Every scene ends with the President laughing as the image freezes, changes to black and white, and slowly dissolves into images of Panzer tanks rolling across the fields of Poland.