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Grammar Cop: Hello, Dolli?

Complaint: Improper plural noun (“dollis”); Engraving said error and mounting to doorway with 3M Adhesive Mounting Squares.
Defendant: A building at 20 West 22nd.
Report: Officer noticed transgression weeks ago, yet was uncomfortable approaching doorway to take undercover photograph because some guy was always standing next to it. Officer forced wife and friend to walk out of their way in the cold evening in order to successfully capture transgression.
Fine: $75


This is the same kind of Caesar Salad you'd pay $12 for a French guy to bring you. Ingredients: 2 eggs that lived a good life, walking freely on the farm and free of persecution. Or, eggs …


Banterist will be dispatching from an incredibly inconvenient part of Poland beginning today. Our geographic location will be seven hours from Warsaw, seven hours from Krakow, five hours from Berlin. If you've heard of Bydgoszcz, …