Grammar Cop: Crosstown Bus-ted


Complaint: Improper execution of a contraction; failure of advertising agency to realize this; approval of grammatical blunder by the appropriate department of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York City; mounting said offense to the side of mass-transit vehicles with intent to distribute bad grammar throughout the five boroughs of New York City.
Defendant: ANM Funding, a mortgage broker licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida.
Report: Officer was standing at a crosswalk with his mega-pregnant wife when the offending grammatical faux-pas passed him at approximately 12 mph. Officer then engaged in on-foot pursuit of the vehicle for approximately one block south until the vehicle came to a stop. Passengers seemed unsure as to why someone was taking photographs of the side of their bus. Officer left before a crowd formed, and returned to his mega-pregnant wife who wanted to know what the hell was going on.
Fine: $226 and mandatory proofreading sensitivity classes for all advertising agency and ANM marketing department accomplices.