Grammar Cop: Flat Tie? He’s Your Best Fiend.


Complaint: Neglecting a letter during word construction, resulting in the creation of a word that does not exist, a misdemeanor; not noticing this; making offense permanent by painting it on the back of a vehicle; still not noticing this; distributing offense throughout the Georgia highway system.
Defendant: A tow-truck licensed by the Georgia Department of Transportation to pick up cars from over-protective automobile owners who can’t bear traditional two-wheel towing methods.
Report: Incident occurred while Officer Beuerlein of the Georgia Grammar Task Force was on routine patrol in Georgia, or perhaps just driving somewhere. Officer Beuerlein captured incident with his dashboard camera, or perhaps a camera that was in his glove compartment. Not sure.
Fine: $275 and referral to the Department of Chronological Impossibility to investigate the 25 hour claim.